Hardware - PC Cases


OpalATX Mid tower

EAN. 8436532164385    Ref. BMOPAL

Mid tower with option to install up to 4 fans and 5 hard drives. In addition, includes 500W power supply with 3 SATA connectors.


OnyxMicro ATX mini chassis

EAN. 8436532164392    Ref. BMONYX

MIni chassis with 500W power supply and SD/TF card reader included. Up to three fans capability.


Nero ATX Mid Tower

EAN. 8436532161933    Ref. BMNERO

Mid Tower Case with 500W power supply with multiple options for installing drives of 3.5'' and 2.5''. Front Brushed and space to install up to three fans. Customize your life with B-Move and Move it.

Gea Mini

Gea MiniMicro ATX

EAN. 8436532160165    Ref. BMGEAMINI

Gea Mini is the perfect combination of simplicity, performance and size reduction. It's the perfect PC for the living room, your office or any area that requires small equipment.Gea is an ideal companion for home or office.

Cora Mini

Cora MiniMicro ATX

EAN. 8436532161193    Ref. BMCORAMINI

Cora Mini represents the values ​​that have made us grow as a brand, style, simplicity and smart space.Within its small size it allows installation of large graphic cards, includes a 500W PSU and has an attractive aluminum look.Perfect for your office or living room.Cora Mini is for everyone. Makeyourmove.


ThyraMicro ATX

EAN. 8436532161445    Ref. BMTHYRA

Thyra is a micro ATX mini tower with a careful design, sleek lines and silver accents. Its compact size allows you to have a home PC that takes up a very small space. Includes a 500W PSU with the capacity to install two fans. Rugged and robust design.


GeaATX Mid Tower

EAN. 8436532160080    Ref. BMGEA

The model Gea has been a huge success within the general public since it meets the basic needs of a pc.This chassis ensures a good airflow thanks to its lateral ventilation area. It has a unique style thanks to its glossy finish with red accents.


EryxMid Tower ATX

EAN. 8436532161421    Ref. BMERYX

Eryx is a complete chassis, simple but elegant style, that effectively meets the needs of different types of users.Includes a 500W PSU, with a capacity to hold three fans to ensure a proper air flow.A removable accessory makes Eryx compatible with large graphic cards.Customize your life with B-Move.


TheaATX Mid Tower

EAN. 8436532161407    Ref. BMTHEA

Thea is the most sober model in the Home series, designed for professional applications and serious environments.Includes 500W PSU, bay cover for optical drives, up to 6 hard drives and ensures a perfect cooling for all components due to its capacity to install 3 fans.


KairosATX Mid Tower

EAN. 8436532161414    Ref. BMKAIROS

The series Home technology is designed for home entertainment fans. It offers advanced features along with an elegant design, perfect for enjoying all your multimedia content with your family. Includes a 500W PSU for up to six hard drives and a capacity to install three fans to ensure optimum airflow.