In B-Move our Philosophy is: dynamism, change and life. With our wide range of products and computer accessories we will fill your world with vitality. Our attitude is movement, our goal is renovation and our life script is customization. ¡¡Come and move!!

The goal in B-Move is to create a personal style for our brand, our philosophy is captured in the products we develop.

Choose from a wide range of accessories and peripherals that you feel are in line with your thoughts and feeling.

We are aware of the growing demand for computer accessories in the current market. Therefore we deliver answers and solutions for these new needs.

By creating new products we want to help you express yourself, enjoy, live.

Our Clients

Who do we think of as our audience?

Our audience has no age or profile, they share only one thing; enthusiasm, a young and restlessyoung and restless spirit, and a strong personal style that pervades everything around them. People who watch and observe the world with interest and curiosity.

Always offering innovative products that surprise, rejoice and make our lives easier and all this at an affordable price. Something we emphasize on is customization, we believe in the development of the individual. Therefore, we have a wide range of products, models and colors for you to choose the one that fits your style.

Just move and move and move...